Macross Frontier for hardcore fans, the Master Post

Re-posting here from tumblr

Between 2008-2009 on the Spanish community Macross Generation, it’s owner, Shaloom, claiming to have access to exclusive interviews, Satelight, the studio behind Macross and books nobody else ever heard of, started posting interviews related to the original Macross and Macross Frontier. These were translated to english and posted at first on AnimeSuki forums. Yot-chan/Gubaba became suspicious about some of the things written, because he couldn’t find any source. After months of investigating, it turned out, these interviews were mostly made up bull shit.

Sadly, a lot of people were most active at that time, in the aftermath of the series, when the fakes were posted, but not when the mess was cleared up. I present you a master list of posts recommended if you ever wish to build any argument regarding the series on factual information.

These are very long, so only for the most die hard fans. Enjoy.

The Ohnogi Question a.k.a exposing Shaloom

Gubaba’s detail recap of the events leading up the mess that we still have to deal with to this day…

Macross “Canon”

A list of information and links if you are interested in Macross History from the creators’ point of view from what we know to date.

For the rescord: Yack Deculture!

A list of links to sites providing real, authentic, 100% true information. And a list of all the translation work karice has done herself.

Macross ‘Canon’? Oh, you mean Macross HISTORY…a shout out to Kawamori Shouji and postmodernism

An interesting post in itself, it has a lot of links directly going to certain interviews and information you might want to read and don’t have the time to search for.

The providers for information and translations can be found on MacrossWorld. Gubaba and co. have been speaking Japanese for a very long time and have contributed to the community, Gubaba with his own fansubs for SDFM and 2 novel translations for Misa and Minmay for example. He currently lives in Japan along with some other members. Karice has lived in Japan and has spent a lot of her time translating Frnotier related material for the fans to read. She has finished up her translation projects involving Frontier for now. You may find her work very usefull and the interviews and commentaries might open your eyes to new perspectives on the show and it’s characters.

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